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Image of the Choptank Community Health Administrative Building

Board Of Directors

A woman with red hair, black blouse and a red cardigan
Sara Visintainer
A woman with brown hair and white cardigan.
Rebecca Loukides
Vice Chair
A man with a light blue button up shirt and black striped tie
Matthew Peters
A woman with black hair, glasses, and a white blouse and green jacket
Pauline Pinkett

A man with grey hair, glasses a yellow button up shirt, bow tie and a black jacket
John Masone
A man with a light pin striped shirt and a green tie with dark brown hair
Patrick Thomas
A man with a yellow button up shirt and a black striped tie.
Michael Campbell
black silhouette of guy with short hair
Corey Pack
A woman with blonde hair and a blue blouse
Crystal Dadds
Headshot of woman with blonde hair with Pink lipstick and a white blouse.
Ivonne Garrido
black silhouette of guy with short hair
Sandra O’Neill
A woman with short brown hair, black blouse and a charcola grey jacket
Jennifer Yost
a man with a light brown jacket and a white button up shirt with a decorative tie.
Lorenzo Hughes