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Image of the Choptank Community Health Administrative Building

Management Team

a woman with shoulder lengh brown hair, white blouse and a dark blue jacket.
Sara Rich, MPA, President and Chief Executive Officer
black silhouette of guy with short hair
Jonathan Forte, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
a man with glasses and a grey suit with a blue tie.
Ben Cottle, Senior Vice President and Chief Finance Officer
a woman with shoulder length brown hair with a dark pink button up and a black blazer
Katelin Haley, DO, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
a lady with blonde hair wearing a black cardigan and white blouse
Sandra Garbely-Kerkovich DMD, Senior Vice President & Chief Dental Officer
a woman with short blonde hair with a floral blouse and green blazer.
Susan Johnson, RN, MPH, VP of Quality Assurance and Population Health
a man with short hair, light green button up with a patterned tie and a dark navy blue blazer.
Rick Barton, Director Human Resources
a woman with short grey hair, white turtle neck shirt and a grey blazer.
Kimberly Love, Finance Director
a woman with short dark brown hair a grey blouse with a black blazer.
Victoria Billings, Site Operations Director
a woman with short black hair, white V-neck t blouse and a black blazer.
Karen Waters, Site Operations Director
a lady with dirty blonde hair smiling with a flower blouse and a black cardigan smiling
Cherie Davis, Dental Program Director
a man with a dark blue jacket and a light blue button up shirt and a patterned tie.
Brett Meyers, Facilities Director
a woman with shoulder length brown hair and a floral pattern shirt.
Jodi Watkowski, Population Health Director
a man with dark hair, a beard, teal button up with tie and a grey jacket.
Anthony Pucci, IT Director
a woman with short brown hair with a light teal pattern blouse.
Bonnie Dove, Dental Clinical Manager