Adeline L Melvin, MD
headshot of lady wearing a red black and white floral blouse
Christina Drostin, MD, MPH
Doctor in white coat with stethoscop around his neck
Eric Hermansen, MD
Lady wearing a pink sweater with black blouse under
Lisa Urban, MD, F.A.A.P.
Man wearing black sports coat and blue and gold print tie
Mark Faber, MD
Woman wering gold textured top and a stethoscope
Patricia Karnes-Amzibel, DO
a man with white hair and mustache with a dark navy blue suit jacket and black tie.
Richard J. Snow, DO, MPH

Physician Assistant

Woman wearing a blue green and black print top with long necklace
Christina Bartz
headshot of man wearing white coat and blue shirt with tie
Douglas Hamsher
a woman with long dark brown hair and white caridgan and a grey blouse.
Elizabeth Buckshaw
a man with brown hair smiling a dark navy blue suit jacket and a dark blue and yellow striped tie
Matthew Eglseder

Nurse Practitioner

Headshot of woman with short hair wearing a stethoscope
Allison Baynard
A male sillhoutte for a placeholder.
Christine Durham-Pressley
a man with no hair a black suit and patternred blue and black tie.
Gregory A. Dukes
A woman with dirty blonde curly hair wearing a floral blouse.
Kelly Davis
Woman with strawberry blonde hair and freckles
Kimberly Fitzgerald
Woman with long blonde hair wearing a collared shirt
Krystal Algier
Woman wearing a teal and black sweater with her hair in a bun
Lindsay Young
Headshot of girl wearing teal blue weater with medium brown hair
Megan Wojtko
A woman with short grey hair wearing a black shirt.
Melinda Payton
A woman with dirty blonde brown hair wearing a button up flanel shirt.
Vicki Hardisty


Headshot of girl wearing pink blouse
Adrienne Webb
A man with a grey shirt and a black striped tie with black hair
Joe Zhou
Headshot of woman with blonde hair with blue eyeshadow
Sandra Garbely-Kerkovich
A woman with long brown hair wearing a plaid shirt.
Tumouh Al-Allaq
a man with black hair smiling a dark navy blue suit jacket and a light blue shirt
Usman S. Ali

Dental Hygienist

A woman with blonde hair wearing a blue and white striped dress, smiling.
Amanda Turner
a woman with dark brown hair and a dark blue scrub outfit
Anna Hackney
a woman with Blonde hair and a dark blue scrub outfit
Sarah Czyz
headshot of woman with short blonde hair wearing stiped shirt
Vicki Berrier