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Male doctor wearing blue button down and black print tie with navy blue stethoscope
Brian Corden, MD
headshot of lady wearing a red black and white floral blouse
Christina Drostin, MD, MPH
Doctor in white coat with stethoscop around his neck
Eric Hermansen, MD, MD
Woman wearing a white top with purple
Katelin Haley, DO
Lady wearing a pink sweater with black blouse under
Lisa Urban, MD, F.A.A.P.
Man wearing black sports coat and blue and gold print tie
Mark Faber, MD
Woman wering gold textured top and a stethoscope
Patricia Karnes-Amzibel, DO
a man with white hair and mustache with a dark navy blue suit jacket and black tie.
Richard J. Snow, DO, MPH

Physician Assistant

Woman wearing a blue green and black print top with long necklace
Christina Bartz
headshot of man wearing white coat and blue shirt with tie
Douglas Hamsher
a woman with long dark brown hair and white caridgan and a grey blouse.
Elizabeth Buckshaw
a man with brown hair smiling a dark navy blue suit jacket and a dark blue and yellow striped tie
Matthew Eglseder, PA-C
Woman with blue eyes wearing a black sleeveless blouse
Nancy Bearss
Headshot of woman wearing black blazer and blue button up shirt and has brown hair and glasses
Veronica Rigler

Nurse Practitioner

Headshot of woman with short hair wearing a stethoscope
Allison Baynard
a man with no hair a black suit and patternred blue and black tie.
Gregory A. Dukes, FNP
Woman with strawberry blonde hair and freckles
Kimberly Fitzgerald
Woman with long blonde hair wearing a collared shirt
Krystal Algier
a woman with dark brown hair and highlights with a blue and white striped cardigan.
Lauren Arini, CPNP
Woman wearing a teal and black sweater with her hair in a bun
Lindsay Young
Headshot of woman wearing black and white strapped blouse and has long brown hair
Mackenzie Costello
Headshot of girl wearing teal blue weater with medium brown hair
Megan Wojtko, CRNP
A woman with Dark brown hair wearing a button up light blue shirt.
Meredith Arevalo, FNP-C
Headshot of woman wearing black cardigan and a pattern undershirt and has short brown hair and glasses
Rachel Spellman
man wearing suit with blue dotted tie and white button down shirt
Victor Hillaert


Headshot of girl wearing pink blouse
Adrienne Webb
Headshot of girl with curly brown hair wearing a green shirt
Lindsay Freedman
black silhouette of guy with short hair
Mandana Shaya, DMD
Headshot of woman with blonde hair with blue eyeshadow
Sandra Garbely-Kerkovich
Woman with long blonde hair wearing a navy blue blazer and glasses
Stephanie Dennison
headshot of man wearing tan blazer with gold print tie
Thomas Duncan
A man with a grey shirt and a black striped tie with black hair
Yiya (Joe) Zhou, DDS

Dental Hygenist

a woman with dark brown hair and a dark blue scrub outfit
Anna Hackney
Headshot of woman wearing coral blazer and has short brown hair
Bonnie Dove
Headshot of woman wearing a black blazer and pearl earrings
Carrie Simpler
Lady with medium length hair wearing black scrubs
Hannah Saulsbury
headshot of woman wearing red blazer and black top under
Rodshekia Newton
headshot of woman with short blonde hair wearing stiped shirt
Vicki Berrier